Our goal is to offer every client the product they need

FMD CARBIDE has been sintering hard metal for over 60 years. From the early ‘90s, our manufacturing has been focused on special hard metal products for all types of tools and equipment for cutting, forming, and wear.

At FMD CARBIDE, we base all our production on bespoke hard metal parts according to customer’s drawings

These parts are destined to various industrial sectors and to a multitude of applications where they successfully handle cutting, forming and/or wear operations. Our production is prepared to machine the green blanks as close as possible to the final shape before sintering to minimize later grinding times.

FMD Carbide - Proceso de sinterización
FMD Carbide - Proceso de sinterización
FMD Carbide - Fabricación de Metales Duros
FMD Carbide - Fabricación de Metal Duro

International vocation

Our products are present in over 15 countries worldwide, mainly in Europe and South America

Our commitment to specialization and our international vocation have led us to be a strategic company within the industry not only at a national level as well as at international one.

The result of this commitment to internationalization is a continuous growth in our exports sales, with an ever more solid presence in the most technologically advanced countries.

All this, along with a commitment to ethical integrity and confidentiality in our relationships with our customers and suppliers has allowed us to jointly develop their most innovative projects.