Exceptionally hard and very tough material

FMD CARBIDE has its own well-equipped grinding workshop to carry out all the semi-finished jobs to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Our advanced human resources and techniques allow us to offer excellent levels of quality and service.

Our facilities and laboratories are constantly being updated, and we have the most modern tools to identify needs.

FMD Carbide - Tecnología

Means of production

  • Presses, CIP Isostatic and Hydraulic, up to 1250 tons
  • CNC Lathes and Machining Centers
  • Sintering Furnace up to 60 bars for HIP
  • EDM Wire Cutting and Spark Eroding Machines
  • Flat grinders machines
  • Inner and outer cylindrical grinders machines
  • CNC Machining Centers
  • Sharpener and profilers


Our laboratory has the necessary equipment for a complete metallographic control of our products, as well as for process control, and a pilot plant to develop new products and Grades.

Among the equipment we have at our disposal, we would highlight:

  • Density-measuring equipment
  • Rockwell and Vickers Harness Testers
  • Hysterograph for analyzing magnetic properties (coercitivity and magnetic saturation)
  • Carbon Analyzer
  • Optical microscope and magnifiers
  • Automatic polisher
Planta piloto

And at the pilot plant, we have RTP (ready to press powder) production and analysis equipment:

  • Laboratory attritor mill
  • Air and vacuum drying stoves
  • Sieve shakers
  • Apparent density measurement
  • Flow rate measurement (Hall)
  • Test Samples press
  • Dimensional control of the Test Samples
Planta piloto